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Friday, March 23, 2012

Flaming Flamingos

Flamingos are extremely rare in South Texas! My husband Laurence saw a couple close to his favorite fishing spot in the Laguna Madre. He wont give me more information than that! Says I would blab to my friends! Hard to believe a man I've been married to for 38 years would feel that way! Oh well! Here's the pics he took with his pocket camera!


  1. Wow Wow Wow don't think I've ever seen a flamingo here, didn't even know we got them ever. Glad your sweetie took a camera & got some pix for you. That's a good guy!!!

    1. He really does have a sharp eye for the birds! I love it that he brings me pictures and he tells me when he sees something I would love to see so I can go there if possible!