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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doughboy's Uniform

Hey everybody! Look at this WWI Doughboy uniform. My friend Don Williams has it pants,leggings, belt and coat for sale! It is in remarkable condition. He is getting his information together to list it on ebay but he hasn't done it yet! He just wants $300. for it as is! I like the way he knows about the patches and the way the leggings were worn and the history behind it all! He says the patches like they are, hand sewn and the belt buckle with the little green oxidation on it are the original conditions and should not be polished to make it sell. Seems to affect the value and authenticity. It makes me feel like I stepped back in time! He also has a field manual from 1914 that he's willing to part with! The place is a beehive around the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Laurence is going to fry a couple of turkeys and they will be so moist! Got to go, be good!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Time RV Park Full

It's been a great year for us at Laguna Shore Village! The park is full and the people are glad to be where it's shorts and tees for the dress code. We are more full than usual for this time of year. Our grass sites are pretty and green too! The Hibiscus flowers are so full of blooms today! Everyone gets out and visits in this kind of weather. Laurence watched his final NASCAR race today and so now on to more football. He is frying two turkeys for our guests Thursday and they will be so moist, he injects them with Cajun butter! Can't wait!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ranch Hand Breakfast

I went to the King Ranch's Ranch Hand Breakfast this morning! A couple of our camper guests and friends went along too, Trefor from Canada and Don from Missouri! We had a real good time. The band was playing old songs and I always like that!

The cowboys were roping calves in the arena and that was very exciting! I cheered for the calves that got away. The cowboys were making a galant effort but the calves were very elusive. It was bright on the other side of the arena so my photos had to be over exposed to capture the events. They had demonstrations of weaving and cooking in the ground going on in different areas. It's a yearly event in Kingsville, Texas

Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Catching Day on the Southern Laguna Madre

My husband Laurence and his fishing buddies went down the Laguna Madre in his Majek; pronounced My Yak, boat. They had a great time and saw tons of fish. The weather was great too! We have a long fish photographing board but they caught more than we had hangers for. Husband thinks Redfish are the best fish so he hung them and a couple of the black drum. We are getting lots of Winter Texan visitors at our RV Park now! It's cold there!