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Monday, August 31, 2009

More Pink Shorebirds

I really enjoy cruising Laguna Shores Road here in Corpus Christi and looking at all the various types of shore birds. I needed a lift Saturday morning. My mom's dog got attacked the night before by javelina in the brush by their home. Spokes died that night and we really miss her. She sure did love chasing critters.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Princess Bathroom

Viki went crazy decorating the Ladies Room! You've seen in previous posts what she is capable of ! I really think she has outdone herself this time! There's more but this is all the pics I can show for now!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family that Prays Together

Last weekend we had a convention of Jehovah's Witnesses at the American Bank Center and guess who came! I was so happy to have my Daddy sitting there with Mom and me. My heart was full! The program was very good! A lot of information to digest. Some old and some new thoughts but all good reminders! The theme was Keep on the Watch! I intend to be more focused on personal study and on taking opportunities to witness to people who show interest!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deer Crossing

This morning apprx. 6:30 am I was driving and watching along Laguna Shores Road to see the deer Laurence saw last night! Awesome! There they were, two adults and two fawn. Then I looked further into the dim light and there was a taller one probably a buck! Then a city bus went by and three more ran further into the wooded area! I was so thrilled! A old man was walking by and he had ear plugs in probably from a radio! He was very happy that I got his attention and showed him the critters! I hope they are careful along the roads! I hope the people are observant too! Sorry the light did not allow pictures. You'll just have to get up early like me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jetty the dog stalker is not too pleased with being my model but she has so much catitude don't you think? I was playing with the controls of my on camera flash. I used a slower flash speed which I can determine on my Olympus E520. It lights up the background more.
Next you have a picture of my 85 year old Daddy, Red, on his motorcycle. He and my mother met riding motorcycles. I am so glad to see him out enjoying life.
This last picture is of a rain cloud that was looking very promising this morning! We only got sprinkles so far! Sprinkle,Sprinkle on my car I'm so thankful that you are! Great song right?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jehovah's Great Artwork

Hibiscus in all it's gorgeous colors are the official flower of Corpus Christi, Texas
If you think this sunrise this morning was beautiful on the computer you should have seen it in person! God must really appreciate beauty! I thank him often that we live in such a beautiful seaside location! Remember the English speaking Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses will be here next Friday Saturday and Sunday! I can hardly wait!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Bulletin Boards

Kathryn and Stan from Systems Marketing LLC brought our new bulletin boards out and installed them! There will be small advertisements on the outer edges and we will use the center for our park activities! Isn't that a smart idea! The Wreck Room board is a royal blue and the laundry room has a pretty beige color. I am so proud of them! If you want a complimentary bulletin board just call them at 863-494-2918 office or 863-660-3721 cell .

Jetty is an older long haired lady cat that believes she runs the Laguna Shore Village RV Park. I tell people she has catitude. She was watching me take the bee picture you'll see today!
I never thought I'd be proud of a puddle, but it has been so long since we had rain I am showing this one today!

This was some kind of bee in my butterfly garden! No butterflys but I take what comes! The rain from last night has cooled down temps and I believe if you listen you can hear the grass cheering while it is peeking out of the dirt!

I was looking around yesterday and found these interesting Web Sites for fishing info for birders for golfers.
I am really ready for the Winter Texans to get back! Hopefully they are doing ok and will be able to come see us! Ya'll take care!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Emergency Room Trip!

We had a big scare yesterday. My Mom accidentally took Daddy's blood pressure pill and she was feeling all tingly on her right side. I called the Doctor and he said she would be ok to just rest and take a baby aspirin for good measure. The tingling and numbness came back on her three times. She was scared to wait so we went to the emergency room and they took blood, a chest exray and a ekg and a cat scat. She was all ok so they sent her home and she is great today! Long day and a good result! We are so glad! Have a good day and love your family like it's your last chance!

Kid Afield

One of our campers from Missouri named Dean caught this frog. He was very gentle with the frog. At least he was gentle while holding him. I'm sure the little creature didn't jump into Dean's hand. There is something so textbook boy about catching frogs. I hear tell he is just as good at catching lizards too! He puts them back and lets them go home to play another day. If we had any rain we would want that toad to catch the mosquitos for us! But alas no rain so yea no mosquitos!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steve and Viki had company from Missouri this week. Laurence took them fishing. The Laguna Madre provided better fighting fish than they were used to. They had never sight fished either. They enjoyed themselves tremendously! Dont you think the pink bath house is a good background. I had a hard time getting hubby to fasten the sign fish hanging board where I wanted it but it is a good way to advertise with all the fish pictures our customers want! I get the men to tilt their hats up to keep the shadows off their faces. I had a hard time getting all four men fit on the picture with all the fish they caught! I use an Olympus SLR and I sure do like it!

Bird Convention

This morning along the East shore of the Laguna Madre the birds were having a Convention. I saw Egrets, Sea Gulls, Pelicans and Spoonbills. It reminded me of the Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses to be held August 21st 22nd and 23rd at the American Bank Center here in Corpus Christi. There will be lots of people from all walks of life. Jehovah must like variety as evidenced by his beautiful creations. I do appreciate that so much. We are enjoying a nice warm day here. Take care and thanks for viewing my views!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My sister Terrie and I had a real nice lunch with our parents and my sisters daughter and granddaughter. Sophia is getting so smart! She took this pic of me and my sister and I took this picture of her! She gets her smarts from my side of the family. I guess it skipped me. Oh well thought you would enjoy the pics! Its still nice and sunny here in Corpus Christi. Laurence and his coconspirators are out fishing today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bargains Arrive

I received the clothes dryer vent! I was worried that my bargain hunting might prove fruitless. I wanted a good price and a good product! I got both! Thanks to the people mentioned in the previous post. I gave all the phone numbers there! Had a nice lunch with my Sister Terrie and her daughter Sandra and her daughter Sophia. My Daddy and Mom were enjoying the noise too! I'll get some pictures ready for my next post!