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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunrise Beach Deer

We went to Kingsland, Texas and near there we drove through
 a little community called Sunrise Beach! The whitetail deer are so unafraid they are a nuisance!
The small deer above were snooping around in a garage!
 This buck stuck his tongue out in utter disrespect of the four of us in the car!
 This next two were so pretty with their racks I shot them in a painless way!
 This last character was so bored he yawned at us!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ranch Hand Breakfast at King Ranch Texas

Every year the King Ranch in Kingsville Texas hosts the Ranch Hand Breakfast !I always cheer for the calves getting roped since the cowboys have lots of cheering fans! This gets me lots of stares and I love the attention!

 The gentleman was telling great stories and poems about ranch life!
 This gentleman fiddler was one member of the Roughrider 3 piece band!
 Here's the guitar man!
 These young cowboys were too cute!
My friend Lynda was learning about playing the wash tub!