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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Super Fish Fun

Our New friends Josh and Carrie went fishing on a big boat yesterday! This Spinner Shark and
these King fish were a lot of fun for them to catch! I am so proud of them for not sitting around
whining about wishing they were catching fish! They asked questions and then got out there and caught some! Life is like that. You have to go for the things you really want! I hope all of us learn a lesson from them!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Lunch on Saturday

Anita got her exercise in early!

Trefor was checking the Fried Turkey to be sure it was safe for us!
I should have got my picture of the dessert table earlier!
Here at Laguna Shore Village RV park we love to eat!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Here it is December 23 and my hibiscus are blooming like crazy! I love it! Thank You Jehovah!
This one reminds me of a citrus named tangerine.
This bloom makes me think of a sunrise!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rose Buds Have Buds All Over

My whiteish rose is opening up in such a beautiful way! It has ten buds waiting! You can see one peeking out between the petals! It loves the clean flower bed and wonderful sunny days we are having in Corpus Christi now! I feel sorry for anyone not here to enjoy! I wanted to share the bloom with you and brag on our weather! Come see us! Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blooming in December Troublesome Tony

Tony the Tiger cat loves to play in the red mulch of the garden square. He thinks he is prettier than the other ornaments. Jetty suffers from wrong side of the glass syndrome. If she's in she wants out and visa versa. Sometimes she just likes to look from the safety of the office windows. The white rose is so pretty and there are lots more buds on the bush. They don't know it is December 21st and they are supposed to rest now! See you next blog! Gotta go!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rat the Cat

This store, in Port Aransas Texas, the Connoisseur has a cat named Rat! She is a gorgeous calico with a lovely disposition! The store personnel were extremely friendly too! The lady at the counter told me that when the kitten was younger and wet she looked like a drowned rat thus the name! This store has every imaginable coastal themed decorator item. Most of the items are of high quality and
fine workmanship. I fell in love with the coastal switchplate covers that I had searched for in many places. I really enjoyed shopping in this huge exhibit of all things nauticle! When I go to Port Aransas again I want to look some more to see what's new!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gratitude Store

Hello you guys! This is a store we found Saturday in Port Aransas, TX. I never saw a store quite like it. There was this wonderful lady with a happy laugh! She was nice to talk to and we felt very welcome! Reminded me of Phyllis Diller. There was so much stuff to look at I have to go back! There was a bubble blowing machine on the front porch. Betcha haven't seen one of those before. There were items from all different years and dollar amounts! The name of the store is Gratitude. Her card says Island's Most Eclectic Shoppe and I concur. It is at 316 N.Station Street. or you can call 361-749-0302 Sally Marco. I know you will be glad you did! Tell her Jennie Ashmore sent you!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aransas Pass Candy Store

Today we went to Aransas Pass,Texas! We had a great time. My favorite place to visit there is Winton's Candy Store. I was sad and glad to find out they are tearing down the old building but happy to see the new bright green building going up next door! It looks like the change over will be fast and tasty! I know you guys are busy so I'll post more tomorrow about our fun afternoon in Port Aransas! Good Night!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blooming up a storm! Not a snow storm!

The flowers are really looking good now! We are having a beautiful day. The hibiscus is putting on blooms like crazy in the first picture. The next picture is showing all the new buds in waiting. And the last picture is showing my bloom on the rose bush that was yellow when we planted it. I think the bees were working both bushes at the same time. I hope you like warm weather if your coming to Corpus Christi, Texas soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Service Dogs

We have some very nice customers in the park today, Carrie and Josh Holt. They are accompanied by two special dogs! Shorty is the white Pit Bull and Baxter is the Red Lab. These two dogs are highly skilled service animals. Carrie has diabetes and the canines are trained to sense when she is in distress and help her! I have been up close and personal with these campers because I love animals and I enjoy puppy kisses! When on or off duty these hounds are very affectionate and energetic. Shorty could be the ambassador for Pit Bulls and teach the world how loving they can be when raised with love and discipline. I am really glad to know these folks and introduce them to you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yellow Kitty Tony and A New Camera

Today I am showing off my new yellow kitty and my new Olympus E-620 dslr camera!

Tony is a male kitten that showed up about two months ago. He loves to be scratched and has a very loud purr ! I really enjoy him. The rocks he is sitting on are full of fossils. Those rocks make a good encasement for the Gold Fish pond fountain.
The silly kitten has a big yawn and he loves to chew on his cloth toys tied to string. Husband says he doesn't like the cat but he has been caught petting him!
Things are hectic here at the RV Park this time of year! January and February are usually our peak business! Lots of people bring their pets and we enjoy seeing them walking around the park! Today is so sunny we have people sunbathing. Not like the northern states! I better let you go. I hope you enjoyed meeting Tony Cat!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doughboy's Uniform

Hey everybody! Look at this WWI Doughboy uniform. My friend Don Williams has it pants,leggings, belt and coat for sale! It is in remarkable condition. He is getting his information together to list it on ebay but he hasn't done it yet! He just wants $300. for it as is! I like the way he knows about the patches and the way the leggings were worn and the history behind it all! He says the patches like they are, hand sewn and the belt buckle with the little green oxidation on it are the original conditions and should not be polished to make it sell. Seems to affect the value and authenticity. It makes me feel like I stepped back in time! He also has a field manual from 1914 that he's willing to part with! The place is a beehive around the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Laurence is going to fry a couple of turkeys and they will be so moist! Got to go, be good!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Time RV Park Full

It's been a great year for us at Laguna Shore Village! The park is full and the people are glad to be where it's shorts and tees for the dress code. We are more full than usual for this time of year. Our grass sites are pretty and green too! The Hibiscus flowers are so full of blooms today! Everyone gets out and visits in this kind of weather. Laurence watched his final NASCAR race today and so now on to more football. He is frying two turkeys for our guests Thursday and they will be so moist, he injects them with Cajun butter! Can't wait!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ranch Hand Breakfast

I went to the King Ranch's Ranch Hand Breakfast this morning! A couple of our camper guests and friends went along too, Trefor from Canada and Don from Missouri! We had a real good time. The band was playing old songs and I always like that!

The cowboys were roping calves in the arena and that was very exciting! I cheered for the calves that got away. The cowboys were making a galant effort but the calves were very elusive. It was bright on the other side of the arena so my photos had to be over exposed to capture the events. They had demonstrations of weaving and cooking in the ground going on in different areas. It's a yearly event in Kingsville, Texas

Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Catching Day on the Southern Laguna Madre

My husband Laurence and his fishing buddies went down the Laguna Madre in his Majek; pronounced My Yak, boat. They had a great time and saw tons of fish. The weather was great too! We have a long fish photographing board but they caught more than we had hangers for. Husband thinks Redfish are the best fish so he hung them and a couple of the black drum. We are getting lots of Winter Texan visitors at our RV Park now! It's cold there!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Beautiful Sunrise over The Laguna Madre

Today is a bittersweet day! On this anniversary of 911 I could feel very sad. This beautiful sunrise gives one cause for joy and appreciation. The emotional healing is ongoing and we have so many things to be appreciative about. We have many loved ones and we need to show them we cherish them. We should look into our Bible and remember that it's writer, our grand creator, had a plan from the beginning and that Adam and Eve's sin, while causing us much suffering, did not change God's plan for a paradise earth with perfect people! I look forward to that time in the very near future. So that's energizing to me! Bye!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain and Wind from Hermine

Getting lots of calls for Winter Reservations! I think it's gonna be a great season! I am getting ready to paint the wreck Room! I love a freshly painted room! I'm thinking canary yellow or a blue shade. The possibilities are endless! You take down all the old and take a new look at what you put back or what you don't put back! I want to clear away some discouraging things from last year and look forward to the new friends and return of old friends and experiences that are bound to be here very soon! The weather here has been exciting! We had lots of rain from Tropical Storm Hermine. Parts of Texas like Dallas got Tornadoes. I'm glad we only received copius moisture! The RV we live in was really rocking one night. But it's all fine now. Ya'll need to call us when you hear alarming reports from the Weather Channel! They have to get people excited to get ratings I guess. All the flowers enjoyed their drinks. They do so much better on rain than on city water! Had to go to the Dermatologist today. Mom said the bump on my nose was growing. Being the good daughter I said I would have it looked at. Of course the good Doctor Carmen Casas took it off and sent it in. Now I will probably be hounded by talent scouts for my flawless good looks! What a pain! Perhaps they wont notice me here in Lower Flour Bluff. I better go it's five o'clock here! You know what that means don't you? Oh yeah, Momma's little Scooby Doo dauschund mix was puny yesterday so Mom took him to the vet and he is much better today! We are so glad!
Talk to you later. Remember to love your family even if it is difficult! You will miss them someday! Thanks for letting me ramble!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Our friends visited this weekend in their 5th wheel RV. We had a better weekend than we expected because we had to stay near the park so our friends came to us! We grilled steaks one night and fried fish and shrimp the other night! Their RV is so neat and clean but it is smaller than they need. They want one with slides. This one is a 1998 Alumascape Deluxe by Holiday Rambler. It has an adapter to a Gooseneck fitting. The appliances are all original and work great! It is a tandem axle and has a 32" flat screen tv with a dvd player and a am/fm/ipod stereo on the wall. They just want to recoup their cost of $6995.00. I took a lot of pictures of the inside and out also. I had to be creative to keep myself out of the pics because there is lots of mirrors in the bathroom. I was surprised it has a bath tub! It never was smoked in and no pets have been in it! It would easily sleep six. We put it on Craigslist here in Corpus Christi and I learned to upload only a pic or two at a time! It has been raining off and on all day! We are getting some rain from tropical storm Hermine! Hopefully it will stay away from Laguna Shore Village RV Park!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Camera Wrapper

This week I got a package of goodies!

I ordered this wrap from Skooba Design. I love it! These pictures show it's usefulness to me for wrapping my camera in it! I hope it will protect my camera in among my other accessories in my camera bag! It's pactically weightless. Which is why I got it freight free. check them out at . I also got a great Bag Strap and a Cable Stable. Maybe I'll show you that next time!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Raindrops are Falling!

It is raining some this morning. The clouds are filled with potential thunder and lightening. Be that as it may the clouds are beautiful to me. I am not trying to make a living outdoors and I am not trying to harvest a crop. I am not out on the water so the thunder is musical to me. Nearby towns are getting lots of rain today from this same system.
The beautiful hibiscus flower seems to have sequins attached by our mighty creator Jehovah.
I have been playing with my iphone four today and I like the results. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Snapper Haul!

Don Williams was one happy camper yesterday! He caught two huge Red Snapper fish. He went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on a fishing boat! He helped some nice people land theirs and they gave him their fish because they were going home to Austin and didn't think they could keep them!

Lots of Frogs!

There were dozens of tiny baby toads on the porch and around the fish pond this morning! We've been having rain and conditions must have been right for them! I hope they eat the baby mosquitos! We have been having mosquitos for a couple of weeks, due to the rain! We really need the rain but not the mosquitos. I guess we are never totally satisfied!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot Stuff at Laguna Shore Village RV Park!!!

We are so happy! The men from Dave's Asphalt Paving and Construction are fixing our road around the RV Park! They really work hard and don't put off the job! The job has been going as fast as the weather has allowed! We had some broken spots and age was getting to the rest! They are strongly recommended by us! Check the web site or cal 361-815-3646. This company did our original road in 1996. We dug through places for expansion and renovations. Mr. Dave is a on site supervisor so he knows the job is done right!
I'll post more when progress is evident! Keep watching! We will be so ready for the Winter Texans and we are so glad we have two driveways!