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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Road Runner off Roading

It's really windy here in Corpus Christi today. We missed all the damage caused by the weather last Tuesday. Wednesday it was cool and clear. 
I saw this Roadrunner shopping in an area that had been very wet but not anymore. So I guess the food changed to grasshoppers.

I hope you enjoy seeing him as much as I did!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Padre Island National Seashore sights

This morning was clear and cool. We had a rain storm last night. No damage at our Laguna Shore Village but it got gusty for sure! I went out on Padre Island National Seashore Park last night from 6-7 pm and got a few nice birds etc.
 This is a Crested Caracara or Mexican Eagle!
 This is an Eastern Meadowlark singing his heart out!
 This is a Wilson's Phalarope I think. I saw this guy at the new photo blind built near the Park visitor's center. I really like that spot!
These are Black Bellied Whistling Tree Ducks. Notice the turtles too! I think they are Red Eared Sliders. I hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Early Morning Meeting

This morning was very nice. The air was still and the birds were singing their hearts out. These Turkey Vultures seemed to be discussing the plans for the day.
One flew off as I approached but I still snapped a few shots with my Nikon 810 and 500 lens. I had to shoot into the sun because the water is on the other side. I really appreciate Vultures because of the dirty job they do! Our intelligent creator knew what we would need. We have plenty of Vultures in our area. Perhaps the water front with an occasional dead fish or the ranch lands with the critters trying to cross the roads. 

I hope you enjoy these thoughts and pics.