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Monday, July 13, 2009

Today I am so happy my Lilly is blooming again! I went out this morning to see such a regal bloom. I played with the light coming through the foliage and petals. It's going to be another warm day here in Corpus Christi Texas. I'm not sure about the proper name for this bloom but I call it a Lilly. My customers/friends from Sudbury in Canada left it here when they went home.
Tonight our friend from Victoria Texas will be visiting so it will be adult beverages on the veranda for the crew (I'm driving) and dinner out! Found out one fun camper is leaving and one new camper came in! People come and go in our life and the most we usually retain is a few stories and snapshots. From my friend Barney I have received much more than that and I hope to stay in touch by reading his blog, wherever he may wander!

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  1. That's really nice - I am not great at letting people wander in and out of my life - how do you do it? How did you wander in to my blog?