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Monday, July 6, 2009

As you can see Wilomena the cactus likes the hot weather we are having in Corpus Christi, Texas. Howdy Ya'll, Mom, Dad, Laurence and I, all went to my sister Terrie’s daughter Sandra’s newly built home in Aransas Pass, Texas to celebrate my sisters 30 wedding anniversary. They boiled crabs and shrimp and sausage along with new potatoes, and corn. Their house is small but very well arranged. I like it!

I've been busy with my photography hobby. I took some great classes in June. I got the privilege of being asked to take pictures at a school for Jehovah's Witnesses that are pioneers. Finished that today and it was a great experience. Never had done that before. I was so tickled to be given that assignment.

Yesterday our friends and co-hosts Steve and Viki grilled hot dogs and burgers and made potato and pasta salad and we along with several of the other campers had chips and dip too, all enjoyed in the cool Wreck Room!

Today was Viki’s birthday. Steve bought her a very nice bracelet and a very sweet card too! She and I are the same age now! Steve and Laurence are keeping the flowers blooming and the courtyard pretty and green. They put a spigot at the fish cleaning table so we don't have to wrangle the garden hoses around so much. Now that Steve has become a fish-aholic too he wants to put a screened enclosure around the cleaning table for mosquito season. Shows his priorities don't you think! Talk to you soon!

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