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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday was a great day! I received so much encouragement from my new friend Barney! He coached me on my photography and I am happy with the results! I can see that I need to practice more now. I am taking a photography course at the Corpus Christi Art Museum. The instructor Rueben Njaa assigned five portraits. Men and Women, inside and outside, in black and white. It was very awkward for we to ask people to pose. I usually take pictures as gatherings or weddings. I was afraid no one would want to sit for me. I learned a lot from this exercise by getting people to look different directions and seeing just the effect of light and shadows. and I’m looking forward to the next class to see what others did. Since we were to pay attention to lighting and ways to reflect light. I purchased a white foam board that school children use at science fairs for $8.99 and that worked well. It was amazing the improvements more light in the right places made. I have some other ideas for items that are cheap(my favorite word) and should reflect well and be easy to travel with. We had fun! Thanks everyone!

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