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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gardens of God

On the 5th it will be the anniversary of Jesus death! I so appreciate his sacrifice for us! It must have been a beautiful time of year there too as he visited the Garden of Gethsimany to pray! He had one thing on his mind. That he glorify Jehovah by how he endured the coming earthly death he was about to suffer. I hope we see more than the beautiful flowers and spend time to think about our life and the path we are following to decide if we are showing our gratitude for all we have and that which is to come!  I wanted to show you some pretty flowers. The Canna Lilly is opening up ever so slowly and all the Hibiscus are so showy!


  1. What a wonderful soul you share with us. Your photos and words bring tears to my eyes. A God breeze. Thank you!

  2. We all benefit so much! Thanks for your kind words!