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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain and Wind from Hermine

Getting lots of calls for Winter Reservations! I think it's gonna be a great season! I am getting ready to paint the wreck Room! I love a freshly painted room! I'm thinking canary yellow or a blue shade. The possibilities are endless! You take down all the old and take a new look at what you put back or what you don't put back! I want to clear away some discouraging things from last year and look forward to the new friends and return of old friends and experiences that are bound to be here very soon! The weather here has been exciting! We had lots of rain from Tropical Storm Hermine. Parts of Texas like Dallas got Tornadoes. I'm glad we only received copius moisture! The RV we live in was really rocking one night. But it's all fine now. Ya'll need to call us when you hear alarming reports from the Weather Channel! They have to get people excited to get ratings I guess. All the flowers enjoyed their drinks. They do so much better on rain than on city water! Had to go to the Dermatologist today. Mom said the bump on my nose was growing. Being the good daughter I said I would have it looked at. Of course the good Doctor Carmen Casas took it off and sent it in. Now I will probably be hounded by talent scouts for my flawless good looks! What a pain! Perhaps they wont notice me here in Lower Flour Bluff. I better go it's five o'clock here! You know what that means don't you? Oh yeah, Momma's little Scooby Doo dauschund mix was puny yesterday so Mom took him to the vet and he is much better today! We are so glad!
Talk to you later. Remember to love your family even if it is difficult! You will miss them someday! Thanks for letting me ramble!

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