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Friday, June 8, 2012

 The photoprincess got a new 35mm lens for the Nikons d5100 and d3100. I love the lens and today I went out to Padre Island by Bob Hall Pier. The sunrise was gorgeous and so peaceful! The only stress was in trying to be ready as it unfolded. I used my tripod and played with my remote control some too. Thank You Jehovah for such a beautiful planet you made man on!
It was hard to see the condition of the sand I was driving into but I made it ok. I tried using a very high iso but I liked the results better with the iso lower and the slower shutter on the tripod. The lens opens up to 1.8 and that helps but I wanted to use f5 for best clarity. Oh well these are the results. I can only approximate the beauty of being there. I hope you enjoy. Try to get out at sunrise and see this beautiful planet come alive!

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  1. Jennie, these are stunning! I love the colors and depth. Great job and thanks for sharing the info about the process.