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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jetty is an older long haired lady cat that believes she runs the Laguna Shore Village RV Park. I tell people she has catitude. She was watching me take the bee picture you'll see today!
I never thought I'd be proud of a puddle, but it has been so long since we had rain I am showing this one today!

This was some kind of bee in my butterfly garden! No butterflys but I take what comes! The rain from last night has cooled down temps and I believe if you listen you can hear the grass cheering while it is peeking out of the dirt!

I was looking around yesterday and found these interesting Web Sites for fishing info for birders for golfers.
I am really ready for the Winter Texans to get back! Hopefully they are doing ok and will be able to come see us! Ya'll take care!

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  1. Jetty the Feisty Cat!! I still remember how she scared off Sugarbear :-) Such a brave cat.

  2. Jetty is an ambusher. She hides under things and attacks unsuspecting dogs! Sugarbear was such a sweet boy!